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Glassdoor’s Holding Up Its Big Mirror to Faces of the Workplace AND Campaign 2016?

Glassdoor's Holding Up Its Big Mirror to Faces of the Workplace?

I have always believed the best place for executives to get an accurate read on workplace attitudes is to follow WWE storylines. Vince McMahon’s ability to master leading indicators and then launch heroes and villains with shifting plots, has shaped some very unique employee-to-employer viewpoints.  But even […]

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The Best Lesson To Be Learned From GoPro’s Poorly Managed Hyper-Growth

The Best Lesson To Be Learned From GoPro's Mis-Managed Hyper-Growth

Here we go again… GoPro is just the most recent example of poorly managed hyper-growth leading to drastic cuts. After ballooning its workforce by some 50% annually, GoPro recently announced a 7% workforce reduction as a result of disappointing 4th quarter sales. Considering the 4th quarter closed […]

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5 Tips for Small Businesses to Avoid “the Apology”

Building credibility is a lengthy and challenging process for any organization, but especially so for lesser known entities.  However difficult it is to establish credibility, and it can be lost in an instant.  For example, Tim Cook apologized to Apple’s Chinese customers after the company’s second largest […]

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