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The Best Lesson To Be Learned From GoPro’s Poorly Managed Hyper-Growth

The Best Lesson To Be Learned From GoPro's Mis-Managed Hyper-Growth

Here we go again… GoPro is just the most recent example of poorly managed hyper-growth leading to drastic cuts. After ballooning its workforce by some 50% annually, GoPro recently announced a 7% workforce reduction as a result of disappointing 4th quarter sales. Considering the 4th quarter closed […]

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Applying Lessons in Life to Avoid Death in Business

This week opened with news of three notable deaths, two will be greatly missed and mourned–Margaret Thatcher and Annette Funicello–and the third, Ron Johnson’s JCPenney demise will not.  Each offer useful examples for leaders to draw inspiration and lessons from, especially business executives. Although Mrs Thatcher was known […]

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The Fundamentals of Start-Up Business Success–Part 3

Leaders control their own destiny, the best leaders distinguish themselves when faced with adversity. Earlier this month (December 11 – The Fundamentals of Start-Up Business Success–Part 1), I established five (5) necessary qualities for building and sustaining success. These qualities are brought to life, through consistent action, […]

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