Data is the lowest form of management

Data is the lowest form of management

Originally published by Luxury Daily – February 23, 2017

Luxury Daily’s recently published State of Luxury 2017: The Insider View is an insightful must-read report for any executive serious about meeting the many challenges in store for luxury brands. Yet even the State of Luxury 2017’s comprehensive 54 pages of survey data is insufficient for implementing high-impact brand strategies.

Like any form of data, surveys are a collection of useful facts, figures and statistics that can establish baselines and reveal trends.

Technological advancements have certainly made data more available, coming at a much faster pace. But instead of making brand marketers smarter and more efficient, in too many instances over-reliance on pure data has had the opposite effect.

Point on data
Data is the lowest form of management.  Continue reading the article here.

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