A Renovation Angel for Every Stakeholder

A Renovation Angel for Every Stakeholder

Combining the best of innovation, pragmatism, doing well and “doing good,” Steve Feldman’s Renovation Angel (renovationangel.orgproves that successful new business models do not need to be outrageously different to be disruptive.  In fact, Renovation Angel’s charitable entrepreneur approach to business is so elegantly designed it is one of the few organizations producing only winners as the embodiment of sustainability.

Too many incorrectly assume sustainability is a new-fangled business concept; its roots are anything but! In the 18th century, Ben Franklin’s “Waste not, want not” fully captured the essence of sustainability. Now in the 21st century, Steve Feldman puts sustainability into practice by extending the life-cycle of luxury kitchen and home furnishings at Renovation Angel.

Rather than demolishing equipment for a home being renovated and further piling up mountains of landfill, Renovation Angel removes, resells, and delivers the “still fabulous” product for other homes.  Not only does Renovation Angel extend a product’s life-cycle, the company is creating new jobs and entire professions for the many individuals in their value chain.

Managing waste through advanced recycling programs is no doubt helpful, but it’s still not enough to solve the world’s massive environmental and economic problems.  Renovation Angel is perhaps the best example of an enlightened organization, with the right business model, to offer an integrated systems solution for economic and environmental progress.  The same model basis can be applied to every industry and business segment, with an even greater launch platform at your disposal.

ECrent (at www.ecrent.com), the world’s largest and fastest growing sharing economy platform is committed to partnering with Renovation Angel and fledgling organizations like Steve Feldman’s.  Not only does ECrent share Steve’s values of doing well and good for the earth and its inhabitants, it is uniquely equipped to help socially responsible businesses redefine the growth economy.

If you know of a business like Renovation Angel or would like to learn more how to build one, please comment below, contact me, here (on the website) or on Linkedin.

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