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Is “Uberizing” the best focus for a more reliable bottom-line?

Is Uber really a true sharing economy business model?

Is “Uberizing” the best focus for a more reliable bottom-line? With 2016 business headlines dominated by the savage stock market beating taking place and the volatile energy markets, not a week goes by without my attending a meeting with someone intent on “Uberizing” an industry. While the […]

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Throwing Strikes With Your Investor Pitch

Whether it’s for a major prospect to close a big sale or meeting with an investor group to raise capital for your business, nothing inspires greater enthusiasm and anxiety than the presentation pitch meeting. Despite the many hours executives spend preparing for the big presentation, regardless of […]

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Applying Lessons in Life to Avoid Death in Business

This week opened with news of three notable deaths, two will be greatly missed and mourned–Margaret Thatcher and Annette Funicello–and the third, Ron Johnson’s JCPenney demise will not.  Each offer useful examples for leaders to draw inspiration and lessons from, especially business executives. Although Mrs Thatcher was known […]

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