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Is “Uberizing” the best focus for a more reliable bottom-line?

Is Uber really a true sharing economy business model?

Is “Uberizing” the best focus for a more reliable bottom-line? With 2016 business headlines dominated by the savage stock market beating taking place and the volatile energy markets, not a week goes by without my attending a meeting with someone intent on “Uberizing” an industry. While the […]

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Smart Money for Smart Businesses

Original Article featured Access to Capital (D&B Credibility Corp.©) – April 24, 2013 If you run a business looking for capital you will find investors are more active and willing, as they have more money to put to work than had been the case in the past few years. While deals […]

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The Fundamentals to Start-Up Business Success: A Complete Guide

Start-up and early stage businesses will determine whether or not the US economy makes any progress in 2013.  Though there is a great deal of advice offered to help entrepreneurs succeed, most of it is redundant and ineffective; just look at the historical record of new venture failure […]

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