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The Best Lesson To Be Learned From GoPro’s Poorly Managed Hyper-Growth

The Best Lesson To Be Learned From GoPro's Mis-Managed Hyper-Growth

Here we go again… GoPro is just the most recent example of poorly managed hyper-growth leading to drastic cuts. After ballooning its workforce by some 50% annually, GoPro recently announced a 7% workforce reduction as a result of disappointing 4th quarter sales. Considering the 4th quarter closed […]

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Continue to let Kirk Grow Into His Role —-How Does That Kind of Decision Impact Any Company’s Growth?

For several weeks now I’ve had opportunity to work closely with a mid/high level manager we’ll call Kirk. He’s a sincere guy with a work ethic anyone would respect and seemed reasonably competent. However, it’s often difficult to know this about Kirk because he fell into the […]

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