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Glassdoor’s Holding Up Its Big Mirror to Faces of the Workplace AND Campaign 2016?

Glassdoor's Holding Up Its Big Mirror to Faces of the Workplace?

I have always believed the best place for executives to get an accurate read on workplace attitudes is to follow WWE storylines. Vince McMahon’s ability to master leading indicators and then launch heroes and villains with shifting plots, has shaped some very unique employee-to-employer viewpoints.  But even […]

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It’s Time for Business to Focus on Meaningful Performance Standards: Let’s Get Back to Inspiring and Teaching

In recent weeks I’ve heard from a surprisingly large number of you urging me to post a new column. This space is intended to share useful information and insights from my interesting business encounters and experiences; quite frankly I thought I was becoming redundant and not breaking […]

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Let’s rebuild our businesses through the sincere efforts of the committed professionalism of top performers…

With Kirk and many like him still very much in my face and on my mind, I was thrilled to run into the Anti-Kirk the other day. The timing couldn’t have been any better because focusing our attention on professionals that are part of the proverbial solution, […]

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