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Corporate Mediocrity Can’t Be The “New Normal”

At a time when great companies like Yahoo, Hewlett-Packard, Sprint, and IBM (among others) are working through serious issues, vigorous efforts to eliminate behaviors that institutionalize mediocrity must be a top priority.  I have found that a key to understanding and then, changing, a culture is carefully listening to how employees speak. Business-speak […]

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How the NFL IS America’s Business

If Corporate America was covered like sports, then annual budget sessions would get the same kind of around the clock coverage  this (past) weekend’s NFL Draft did. Congratulations to Roger Goodell and the NFL for turning its annual player draft into a mini-version of the Super Bowl […]

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Family Owned Businesses Share Universal Issues

North Korea’s unpredictable 28 year old Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un is the third generation in the family business.  I’ll let military, intelligence and State Department experts analyze Kim’s mounting heated rhetoric and provocations, but I find his actions closely resemble behaviors commonly found in business executives in over their […]

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