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Sustainability lessons from the first Thanksgiving

Sustainability lessons from the first Thanksgiving Soon the United States will celebrate Thanksgiving, a holiday better suited for the sharing economy’s ideals than what it has turned into: gorging on buying stuff rather than turkey and all the fixings. Please click here to continue to read my […]

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Corporate Mediocrity Can’t Be The “New Normal”

At a time when great companies like Yahoo, Hewlett-Packard, Sprint, and IBM (among others) are working through serious issues, vigorous efforts to eliminate behaviors that institutionalize mediocrity must be a top priority.  I have found that a key to understanding and then, changing, a culture is carefully listening to how employees speak. Business-speak […]

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Case Study: Managing in the Grey

BACKGROUND:  Privately held industrial service company, run by 3 partners in a highly competitive, fragmented industry. One partner leads the company’s sales and marketing, while the other finance and the third manages the service workforce. Though the three partners collaborate on all major business decisions and work […]

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