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Is Kimmy Gibbler really the ultimate CEO?

Kimmy Gibbler for President

Is Kimmy Gibbler really the ultimate CEO? Network TV’s lack of creativity and apparent inability to wisely navigate its ever-more complex competitive landscape serves as another perfect metaphor for the same conditions plaguing virtually all business sectors. We need to look no further than the recycling of old programs […]

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Leadership Tips For Organizational Integrity

There are never coincidences, but there certainly are synchronized events that validate an environment–for the good and bad.  Take the news about Bloomberg LP and the IRS.  Although the IRS is a non-partisan government agency, large segments of the population have never really trusted it.  Bloomberg, however, […]

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5 Tips for Small Businesses to Avoid “the Apology”

Building credibility is a lengthy and challenging process for any organization, but especially so for lesser known entities.  However difficult it is to establish credibility, and it can be lost in an instant.  For example, Tim Cook apologized to Apple’s Chinese customers after the company’s second largest […]

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