Lessons Learned By Media Coverage of Boston Marathon Bombing

Original Article featured in Huffington Post – April 25, 2013

They say the first casualty in the heat of a moment is truth. The recent media coverage of the Boston Marathon bombing offers invaluable material and lessons for any business executive to apply in any industry to validate that saying.

[Photo: HuffingtonPost.com]

Clearly, all media outlets extended the best of their resources to provide detailed and insightful real-time coverage since mid-afternoon Monday April 15th. By combining superior technology and good old-fashioned hard work, all media outlets were on top of each segment of the fast-emerging story. There’s little doubt competing media companies have been motivated to out-report one another. As a result of these and other factors, the post-blast reporting was riddled with inaccuracies. The point is not to criticize anybody in the media for glaring mistakes, but to use this fresh, topical and highly visible circumstance to better guide business executives in their field. >>> Read complete article on Huffington Post

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