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Lessons Learned By Media Coverage of Boston Marathon Bombing

Original Article featured in Huffington Post – April 25, 2013 They say the first casualty in the heat of a moment is truth. The recent media coverage of the Boston Marathon bombing offers invaluable material and lessons for any business executive to apply in any industry to validate that […]

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Glad to see my positions are shared by the mainstream

Check out the following links from USA Today and Bloomberg Business Week —both articles align with my observations and thus seem to agree with the fact that “Berman Means Business!”

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Replace Fiscal Cliff with an Organizational Mirror

For everyone who ever voted for a politician promising to make government run more like a business, congratulations your dream has been realized by the post-election theatrics shoved under the “Fiscal Cliff” catchphrase. Perhaps this public display of dysfunction and lack of courageous vision will scare companies […]

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