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Is “Uberizing” the best focus for a more reliable bottom-line?

Is Uber really a true sharing economy business model?

Is “Uberizing” the best focus for a more reliable bottom-line? With 2016 business headlines dominated by the savage stock market beating taking place and the volatile energy markets, not a week goes by without my attending a meeting with someone intent on “Uberizing” an industry. While the […]

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6 Baseball Managers Executives Should Watch and Learn From

  Original Article was featured in The Huffington Post – MBL Opening Day, April 1, 2013 The 2013 Major League baseball season has officially opened, with no fewer than 6 teams led by new managers.  Much like business, winning in baseball requires a sustained effort over the long-haul characterized by overcoming inevitable setbacks, […]

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5 Tips to Avoiding the Pitfalls of Politics in Business

Original Article featured in The Huffington Post – March 26, 2013 It has now been (over) one week since Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) mixed it up during a Senate Judiciary Committee debate over Second Amendment rights and proposed gun control legislation and over 100 days […]

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