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Maximum Nonsense About Minimum Wages

Executives and business trade associations fighting against President Obama calling for an increase in the minimum wage are arguing against their own self interests.¬†Organizational success is a function of many productive sums adding up to a greater whole, and the correlation between a properly compensated workforce that […]

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The Consequences of a No-Sacrifices-Environment

Several recent news reports caught my eye, not as individual stories but as closely connected pieces of the same continuum: Adam Davidson’s November 20th “Skills Don’t Pay theBills” piece in the NY Times Magazine highlighting the fact that despite high unemployment rates and advanced jobs training programs […]

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Unfortunately, no surprises–we’re all in this together.

With predictable regularity the business press can be counted on to run feature articles that “change is hard” and “most change management initiatives are very expensive and time consuming yet fail.” These pieces are usually accompanied by tips for creating the right change environment so that the […]

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