The National Review Calls Home: A Brilliant Move by the Team at National Review–social media at its finest.

Since my last post featured Teddy Kennedy, it’s only right that I give equal air time and praise to the other political viewpoint. Just as the late Senator Kennedy’s best attributes are useful for business people, so too is this example:

At a time when everyone seems to be planning “old media’s” funeral, Jack Fowler–National Review‘s savvy publisher, is blazing new trails by integrating disparate media with a live and interactive event his publication is launching on Tuesday, September 22nd. Featuring some of NR’s best and brightest minds–Mark Steyn, Rich Lowry and Jonah Goldberg–you can learn more about and even register for National Review Calls Home at:

Certainly the publication William F Buckley founded in 1955 is not immune from the same dilemmas faced by other publications; the nearly 55 year old National Review assuredly has wrestled with changes forced by “new media”.  But as a business leader, NR’s Mr Fowler isn’t throwing up his hands, shaking his head and asking for pity because the web changed all his industry’s rules or because the economy tanked! Rather, Jack Fowler is a student of his field and is highly committed to his craft, thereby positioning him to be a true innovator. By the way, someone at NR (or?) should post an official Wikipedia listing for Mr. Fowler here soon.

The National Review Calls Home concept marries the magazine’s strong brand with its extraordinary talent that has a loyal following. By extending NR’s reach to now include intimate phone conversations, one can now interact with Jonah Goldberg, Rich Lowry and Mark Steyn in print, on the Web, TV, and radio–come September 22nd, like you would with your neighbor. In my view a truly brilliant strategy, one that other organizations in any field can emulate! Considering Mr Fowler is doing this at a time when most other businesses are focusing on cut backs, he’s showing real leadership.

If nothing else, I would urge serious business professionals to sign up for National Review Calls Home on September 22nd just to see how it is done. My best wishes to Jack Fowler and his staff for their continued success!

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