Best to tell the Emperor he has no clothes before it’s too late

Leave it to The King Of Pop’s ex-wife to put meaningful perspective on this just-completed strange week when she revealed her then-husband confided he’d probably end up like her father, The King Of Rock & Roll.

Of course this makes me wonder if South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford had similar premonitions that he’d wind up like another once-powerful southern politician, Wilbur Mills, whose career was also derailed by a relationship with an Argentinian–Fanne Foxe. Between the onslaught of news about Michael Jackson’s tragic death and the unfortunately shrinking coverage of the comical Governor Sanford I had time to read an email from a former employee who was excited about a new career opportunity because he really liked his prospective boss and is certain he’d “learn an awful lot.” Nice to see Chris is still committed to learning because when I wasn’t doing all this reading, I was once again immersed in meetings at a company that apparently prefers to pretend rather than really make the necessary changes in its business.

Michael Jackson had some of the smartest, most sincere, loyal advisors ever assembled. As far as the public has been concerned, Elvis’ 1977 death was a summer stunner, just like his future son-in-law’s summer 2009 passing is. But apparently those who were “on the inside” are not overly surprised. Similarly, you can’t tell me that a state governor can actually disappear for an extended period of time without anyone knowing it. I wouldn’t have believed this before the Internet and I certainly am not buying it in this day and age.

So….how!??! And why is it that few actually attempt to or even do learn????? I’m truly convinced “History repeats itself” is a true cliche thanks to the stupid, lazy and gutless.

Reinforced by the company I referred to in the 3rd paragraph–one that will die a tragic death which will be greeted with the same shock for its suddenness as Michael Jackson’s was last week or Elvis Presley’s was 32 years prior–otherwise smart and capable people lack the courage to do their jobs.

Instead of telling executive management about all the company problems and screw-ups they are presenting news executive management wants to hear in a way they want to hear it. They’re all convinced the company is perched for a wonderful rebound “when the economy picks up” (which, by golly, they’re all certain is happening right now!). Meanwhile they’re rotting from within and are unlikely to see Labor Day.

When will serious minded professionals really learn that the embarrassment is not telling the Emperor he has no clothes, but in allowing senseless repeat performances of untimely and unnecessary mistakes?

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