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Is Uber a true sharing economy business model?

Is Uber really a true sharing economy business model?

Is Uber a true sharing economy business model? Whether called a unicorn or the sharing economy’s lead horse, Uber has mostly been considered a gazelle since its inception. ​However, reports that Uber racked up -$1.27 billion EBITDA over 2016s first 2 quarters have let the dogs out. […]

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Leadership Tips For Organizational Integrity

There are never coincidences, but there certainly are synchronized events that validate an environment–for the good and bad.  Take the news about Bloomberg LP and the IRS.  Although the IRS is a non-partisan government agency, large segments of the population have never really trusted it.  Bloomberg, however, […]

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Political Correctness: The Lady Doth Protest Too Much, Methinks – Remembering Mayor Ed Koch

Edward I. Koch will long be remembered as a great New York City mayor who rescued his city from financial ruin.  Unfortunately, New York state was deprived of a superior governor because the qualities that made him not only the greatest politician of my lifetime but, for my money the most […]

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