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Corporate Mediocrity Can’t Be The “New Normal”

At a time when great companies like Yahoo, Hewlett-Packard, Sprint, and IBM (among others) are working through serious issues, vigorous efforts to eliminate behaviors that institutionalize mediocrity must be a top priority.  I have found that a key to understanding and then, changing, a culture is carefully listening to how employees speak. Business-speak […]

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Undercover Boss, Visible Anarchy

I hadn’t previously seen CBS’ “Undercover Boss” until they aired an episode featuring someone I know and have done business with. Though it was an entertaining 60 minutes, some of it very funny and quite a bit highly emotional, I’m deeply troubled by this program’s premise and […]

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Toxic CEO Ted Provides a Lesson: How NOT to Run a Business

He said he really needed to speak with me about an urgent matter. He said he needed at least a couple hours and would buy me lunch if I helped him work through the problem. He said he had nobody else he could turn to and because […]

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