Mike Berman models himself after those he admires including Galileo, who remained true to his convictions in the face of political and religious opposition, and Winston Churchill, who led Great Britain through WWII with unwavering determination and resolve.


He has held leadership positions in his career across a range of business-to-business service sector industries including Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operations Officer, Chief Information Officer, Managing Partner, Executive Vice President, General Manager, Senior Vice President, and Regional Sales Manager.


These include:


Chief Operating Officer of Outside Ventures, LLC, the parent company for several B2B services businesses with a particular concentration in merchant services. Berman instilled business disciplines and structure to an out-of-control or failing business.


Director and Chief Operating Officer of Meridian Capital Group LLC, where he overhauled the corporate structure and enabled the company to achieve a 2006 run rate in excess of $30 billion.


Chief Executive Officer/Managing Director for CPath Solutions, where Berman launched, built, and sold a venture management firm that offered consulting services to clients in start-up, turn-around, or post-merger stages. He developed and implemented strategies to successfully turn around company profitability for eB2B Commerce, and devised market strategy that brought Associated Global Systems out of a $3 million per month deficit.


Berman earned a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of New Haven, in West Haven, Connecticut and a Bachelor of Arts specializing in Communications and English from Allegheny College, in Meadville, Pennsylvania.


He is currently blogging on about ideas, tips, and practical examples for producing significant results regardless of business conditions through his blog, bermanmeansbusiness.com and a noted commentator of the same issues.


He is straightforward in resolving problems in an integrated fashion, acknowledges mistakes and moves on, and never takes himself too seriously.n to change this text.