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The Consequences of a No-Sacrifices-Environment

Several recent news reports caught my eye, not as individual stories but as closely connected pieces of the same continuum: Adam Davidson’s November 20th “Skills Don’t Pay theBills” piece in the NY Times Magazine highlighting the fact that despite high unemployment rates and advanced jobs training programs […]

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Leading the Art of Positive Change Outweighs Its Science

I spent the day with an extremely bright IT professional capable of creating the type of needed change his company is depending on him to produce. Throughout the day he kept proclaiming “I don’t do politics”with equal doses of superiority, ferociousness¬†and judgmental frustration. Perhaps not coincidentally, yesterday […]

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The intentions, objectivity and execution of a successful organization

In today’s mail I received a very lovely talking birthday card from the NY Jets, with a personal note from head coach Rex Ryan.¬† Of course my birthday was almost two weeks ago and the card arrived the day after Coach Ryan’s team lost 49-19 to their […]

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