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Performance and Competitiveness

Hurricane Sandy’s tragedy continues to unfold in ways I can’t describe. While the media will rightfully focus on the horrible loss of life, property and commerce, I want to contrast the remarkable work being done by combined public and private forces post-Sandy to those failing. As Sandy […]

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Vote! But Not For Jobs

Every eligible voter should exercise that right come November, but nobody should vote for a political candidate based on a promised jobs program. Delegating up has become the scourge of US businesses in recent years and this year’s election confirms we have now reached the point where this […]

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Happy Anniversary! Now get real or get lost…

A media professional, who I have a great deal of respect for, recently urged me to read as much of as I could. Thanks to this wonderful advice, I came across “5 Reasons Why J.C.Penney’s Ron Johnson Will Reinvent Retail….Again” –an opinion piece the author will […]

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