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Let’s rebuild our businesses through the sincere efforts of the committed professionalism of top performers…

With Kirk and many like him still very much in my face and on my mind, I was thrilled to run into the Anti-Kirk the other day. The timing couldn’t have been any better because focusing our attention on professionals that are part of the proverbial solution, […]

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Continue to let Kirk Grow Into His Role —-How Does That Kind of Decision Impact Any Company’s Growth?

For several weeks now I’ve had opportunity to work closely with a mid/high level manager we’ll call Kirk. He’s a sincere guy with a work ethic anyone would respect and seemed reasonably competent. However, it’s often difficult to know this about Kirk because he fell into the […]

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The National Review Calls Home: A Brilliant Move by the Team at National Review–social media at its finest.

Since my last post featured Teddy Kennedy, it’s only right that I give equal air time and praise to the other political viewpoint. Just as the late Senator Kennedy’s best attributes are useful for business people, so too is this example: At a time when everyone seems […]

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