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Debunking and moving beyond the good old needs-based selling myth and more…

Everyone recognizes that growth is the best remedy for reversing sluggish performance, but I’m less certain enough business leaders really know how to inspire growth or exactly where their organizations might be lacking. Continuing my “Fundamentals Rule” theme, I’d like to focus on sales excellence this week […]

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Congratulations Goldman Sachs (Employees)

Though I’m not the first in line to congratulate Goldman Sachs for their 2nd quarter earnings, I’m one of the loudest voices cheering them on because Goldman’s performance validates the principal business philosophies and convictions I write about in this space every week. And although I don’t […]

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Fundamentals Rule: Just GET REAL!

June’s unemployment figures are no less chilling for me a week after they were released as they were right before this nation celebrated Independence Day. I can’t think of a more important, complex, or daunting challenge than getting the country back to work…meaningful, productive, rewarding-on-all-levels employment that […]

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