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Best to tell the Emperor he has no clothes before it’s too late

Leave it to The King Of Pop’s ex-wife to put meaningful perspective on this just-completed strange week when she revealed her then-husband confided he’d probably end up like her father, The King Of Rock & Roll. Of course this makes me wonder if South Carolina Governor Mark […]

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The Fundamentals Rule

At this point I’m not sure which is harder to get a handle on: Where the economy really is? or Which of the expert opinions are accurate? I’m no economist nor do I have radical breakthrough theories, but based on my business experiences I at least have […]

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Hiding Behind Voicemail. An Alarming Trend in Business?

It could be that I’ve been ridiculously slow to make this connection, but I’ve now pulled together enough evidence from a broad enough range of sources where it has finally dawned on even me: the tools designed to facilitate interaction, improve service, and further connect companies and […]

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