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More to Life (in Business) than Deals.

Yesterday morning, I received an unexpected phone call from a former colleague I haven’t spoken with in about a year. He wanted to talk about the planning exercise I ran at his company through a few years ago, and he opened our call by shouting: “I got […]

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SCH’s Edward Lampert Looks for Normalcy in an Abnormal Business Environment

I just can’t accept that the vast majority of business professionals I run into these days believe that today’s economic environment is normal. I have a hard time believing that these people have not read a newspaper, looked at a declining investment portfolio or a 401(k), or […]

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Looking at the Big Picture of Business Today: Stupid is As Stupid Does?

In today’s business environment, I don’t know if “the big picture” overshadows the smaller one, or if it’s the other way around. But I absolutely know they are of the same landscape. Even in its current first draft, when the history of this era is written they […]

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